Sizzle Lines are beefed-up phone numbers which can "kill two birds with one stone".

Bird #1: Give your listeners the option to dial-in and listen to the audio of your choice, whether it be a several hour long teleconference replay or a brief "tip of the day".

Bird #2: Instate a super-easy way to capture testimonials and feedback for use on your website, sales video or social media.

Listener stats can be found within member accounts, and members may also choose to be notified by email, with a sharable listen link, when a new response is recorded.

Shared Sizzle Lines use the same call-in number, with each having a different 4-6 digit extension (PIN).

Dedicated (Private) Sizzle Lines have their own unique call-in number, and provide the option to remove the extension (PIN).

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 Sizzle Lines

  Assign audio to a phone number for playback + capture feedback & testimonials.












  • Add audio of any length

  • Easily capture responses

  • Great for teleconference replays

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